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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hai :]

I have the honour of adding spam to the board, which is in a state sorrier by the day. But still quite ok I guess, considering I'm actually posting and I believe some people still check it :]

Unit life as a man is beautiful (uh what is responsibility, chiongsua and extra?) The environment is nice but sometimes prickly, as someone demonstrated how to make 100 enemies in 1 night.
I used to feel guilty doing nothing when people were doing things. But after a while I realised they were doing things only to cover up for having nothing to do. Anyway next week will have plenty of things to do. 2nd outfield since bmt. Bad things always happen during outfield. The last time we went out, the stock market crashed. Maybe thats why the regulars all so emo during recovery. Whats next? Palin for president?

note to jane: you also seem very free eh...


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