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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

this are our class photos people! haha
here are the people who watched midnight movie. step up2. e gal qte hot la for one scene only. other than tt, she looks v guai1. but nice cleavage, for those interested =) for a non horny person like me, i nvr notice 1 actually. but lumn was beside me n she keep telling me abt it. pollute my innocent mind =)

this is wailumn trying to whisper to the statue. but e statue is kinda expressionless n just stunned. i _stand how he feels. tis was how i felt too when in orientation, the first time i met wailumn in e hall, wailumn jus ask "u o6s7d too?", "where r u from", "how r u", "wah it is great to b classmates as u", "wats ur name. oh my name is wailumn n i am from dunman high." i was stunned hahahahahah.


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