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Tuesday, 25 March 2008


HOHO i just want to say niklas looks really funny here :) this is Manhattan fish market btw, for those who can't identify it.

I hate lim chern wei btw. congrats to all the guys who got where they wanted to, be it command school or another unit :) happy confinement!

i miss going out with 06s7d a lot. i just really wanna thank everybody for everything. Seriously, i feel very blessed to be in this class. everyone is kinda peaceful (haha @ chia ming) and there arent any big fallouts or bitchiness or what not, for which i am really grateful. seriously, for a class where pple are so smart/accomplished in their own ways, you'd expect a lot of big egos pushing around and hence a lot of fights/skirmishes/coldwars/backstabbing/competition. but no, it didn't happen, which i think is absolutely pretty amazing!

im not saying we're a perfect class, because occasionally we do have our own set of problems (like perma zibei on the side of some of us) but still, we're the best that we can be. i'd like everybody to know how much i appreciate them, that it is so rare, for something like this to fall nicely into place, for us to sort of unanimously agree that 06S7D is a class to cherish. i don't know how often that has happened in your life: that you have such a large group of pple, not chosen by your hand, that can, by chance (sort of?), end up in such a fantabulous situation.

if it has been often, then you're really lucky. if it hasn't, then i think you know what i'm talking about.

much love, 06S7D. i hope we keep in contact, since two short years have flown by in the blink of an eye. an overused cliche, but it sure feels like it. all right then, true to the spirit of STP, two short years have flown by in the span of time taken to replicate an E.coli genome! i don't care what other idiots say and badmouth abt STP, as far as im concerned, we're the best bloody class there is.

it'd be a pity if we don't see each other again. if we don't, remember what once was. if we do, then let's make new memories :)

lots of love!

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  1. cheers wl :D
    although it does sound abit sad haha.
    keep in touch ppl:)