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Saturday, 12 January 2008

hello! the class blog's gonna be rather quiet i think. what with 11 guys in ns and most girls working/intern-ing or somewhere or the other. anyway! few of us decided that we were free enough to visit juniors and grandjuniors for campfire!! =D was quite fun la. haha. been a long time since we shouted so much. a feel-good thing =D hope jaime doesn't re-lose her voice!! drink waterrrr..

here are some photos. not very clear though..

this is when the very cool fireball (literally!!! a ball of fire!!! -amazed-) flew down from music room by a string (which sadly, did not light up too. but why!) and vroooom into a stack of wood. woo~~~ very song4 to watch!

then the fire was used to light the uhh.. another fireball? hahaha. i was wondering how it'd light up after being drenched with heavy rain! but lo and behold. it did!! again, not very clear but wow look at the number of people. haha. looks like some concert with alot of people holding up cams and -refers to pic- oops you can't really see but i could but hahaha. nm. nice!!

and then there's song and dance and that's about it =D hopefully more people would be able to turn up for cny and maf and what not. like must 饮水思源! -looks pointedly at pic below-nods-

good luck to everyone waiting in anticipation and various degrees of trepidation for whatever results (universities, scholarships, As? lol, interviews, jobs, internships)! and happy starting work (to wailumn! and me) next monday. and happy working to everyone else (uhh even those with very slacky jobs -stares at certain someone haha-)!

cheers! stay happy always~!


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