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Friday, 23 November 2007


I shall monopolise (sorry, didn't mean to remind every1 of econs! haha) this rare honour of the first post after A levels.

So that's it.

End of A levels.

End of JC life.

End of 06S7D?

NOPE. Its just the beginning =) Our class is barely 2 years old and I'm sure we'll have LOTS to reminisce about next time when we have a class gathering. I wonder how everyone will look like in future and how we'll all have changed?

Its the beginning of the start of a long road in life... where we all have to carve out our own paths. No more doing stuff just to play safe and give yourself more options, now its about what you really WANT in life. For most of the guys, NS, then university. For the girls, enjoy your 8-mth break before university starts. And who knows what might come in the future? So many more experiences waiting for us to discover and immerse ourselves in...

This is where we all go our separate roads (ok actually not yet. theres still prom and class chalet and probably a few more class outings right?). But I'm sure we'll always be proud to have been part of 06s7D! =)





《彩虹》--- 周杰伦

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  1. 不过,释怀说了太多就成真不了.