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Wednesday, 26 September 2007


1. b4/ aft prom?
2. where?
3. how many days?
4. who can't make it on which days?

comment! =)


  1. haha ok i shall self-comment ^^

    1. after prom
    2. anywhere
    3. 3 days 2 nights!
    4. so far so good :)

  2. ditto 1-3.

    4. 12-15dec dowan. =)

  3. 1. after!!
    2. isn't it just the changi area. depends on who can book on discounted rates etc
    3. anything!
    4. not 1, 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, not too late cuz ppl might go overseas =D

  4. Yong Zi3:14 pm

    ditto 1-3

    4. 12-14 dec dowan. =)

  5. 4. 12-20 dec dowan. =)

  6. zefnar336:46 pm

    LETS GO FOR AN OVERSEAS TRIP INSTEAD!! WOOHOO! haha but i think it wouldnt materialise in the end. lol

    1. after
    2. anywhere
    3. 3D2N
    4. not 12 - 15 december

  7. Main blocks of dates we seem to have right now are:
    1) after As, 23rd nov to 3rd dec
    2) after prom, 4th to 11th dec
    3) eoy, 21st-31st dec (questionable till more ppl comment)
    Think we should start voting along these lines? :D
    I vote for 1,2 ^^
    And to answer shirli's questions,
    2. changi ba :)
    3. 3D2N
    4. dunno yet.

  8. wrt 1,2,3 from ben:

    1) block of dates tentative for interview for cambridge ppl and some other scholarships (perhaps cuz u haven receive the receipt?), also 1dec got SATs must prep before that?
    2) crap. got sl. (tentatively 6 to.. 9, right? correct me if wrong) * =( and =) alternatively*
    3) ppl going overseas? will see. ppl respond!


  9. heh kat, kh, jane and i prob can't make it from 6-9dec. i see this is really restricting the available dates argh.

  10. Ok. According to
    if we want Fairy Point Chalet again, FPC 4,5,6 are available for 10-11th (Mon & Tues), which means we leave on 12th morning = 3D2N?

    21st onwards is pretty much fully booked, so whomever's parent(s) is/are civil servant(s), please help book soon?

  11. Yong Zi4:48 pm

    10 to 11 is no good, just the day before the chalet for sec 4 iSpark chalet (which makes up one third of the class :P) If both chalets were chained together then we would have no sleep for 1 week? O_O Haiz, cannot earlier arh?

  12. Yes agree with tyz. Ex-hc-geppers chalet from 12-14, so if before that sure gg. Damn, let's get this done asap can, otherwise I bet more chalets will creep in and infiltrate our schedules lol.