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Monday, 4 June 2007


Ah here it is, all the tips you'll ever need to score A in GP!

for Paper 1:
Avoid cliches
Avoid tautology
Avoid excessive sarcasm
Avoid tabloid language
Avoid excessively long sentences
Avoid microscopic handwriting
Avoid incoming cars. Cars kill 2 people every minute.
Adopt varied sentence structures
Adopt a balanced perspective (discuss both sides)
Adopt a coherent and fluent argument
Adopt an interesting and varied tone
Adopt a balanced argument
Adopt a clear stand
Adopt an Indian child. There are 44 million child labourers in India.
Always link your points to the question
Always define vague terms
Always address assumptions apparent in the question
Always take time to plan your essay
Always use interesting anecdotes in your essay
Always start with an appropriate introduction and include a conclusion at the end.
Always look on the bright side of life. More people die from suicide than in armed conflicts.

for Paper 2:
Aq - Take time to plan a balanced AQ with plenty of real life examples
By default, always read the passage(s) first
Concise - Answer questions concisely
Draw lines under key points for summary
Examples, Evaluation, Explanation
Failure - Guaranteed if you sleep late the night before
Give recognition to passage with use of quotes (for AQ)
Handwriting - Good handwriting can leave a good impression
Ironies - Learn how to explain them well
Jot down ideas you have for the AQ at the side
Keywords - Check the requirements of the question (make sure they are paraphrased)
Linking words are irrelevant in the summary
Marks - Use marks to gauge the length of your answer
Never question the question
Optimise the use of synonyms
Paraphrase - When replacing words with equivalent ones, ensure that the nuances are relevant to the context
Qualify your arguments using relevant examples/references to the pssage (for AQ)
Research obscure American cultural referenes (e.g. Philistines)
Summary - It is not a real summary. Be sure to paraphrase and include every single point. Include examples if possible.
Time waits for no man - Anaswer the questions as fast as possible!
Use your own words - In the summary, do so at the expense of sentence structure
Vocabulary - Read widely and use phrases to explain if one doesn't know a synonym. Distinguish between similar words.
Word count - Don't cheat too much. (5 words)
X-reference between the 2 passages
You have just wasted 5 minutes reading this
Zzz... Don't fall asleep! =)

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  1. Doesn't adopting an Indian child remind u of angelina jolie? Lol