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Friday, 25 August 2006


Whee, lets have some random trivia. Was bored, and started looking up the meanings of names.. and here are some from our class..

Origin Meaning
Hebrew enlightened/teacher
Traits: Aaron is described as a small, nice-looking man who is honest, hardworking, and responsible--an effective leader with a quiet manner.
<-- Look for aaron for tution ^^

Origin Meaning
Greek strong, manly
Traits: The name Andrew has two different images: a big, strong, jolly guy you can count on when the chips are down, or a smart but wimpy preppy.
<-- Fear the strong manly andrew!

Origin Meaning
Latin dark
Traits: People picture Adrian as an attractive, perhaps effeminate, man who is sensitive, loving, thoughtful, and rich.
Female version of name: AdriĆ  From Adria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark. <-- Maybe that's why no one sees you.. then always kena injury

Origin Meaning
Old German beloved by all/noble friend
Traits: Alvin's image comes straight from David Seville's singing chipmunks. People describe Alvin as a cute, mischievous comic with a very squeaky voice.
<-- Omg, friendly alvin! Originates from german ^^ and squeaks!!!

Origin Meaning
Hebrew son of the right hand
Traits: People think of Benjamin as a smart and inventive man who is tall, strong, and cute. <-- Son of right hand? bbq.. That's really a weird name.

Origin Meaning
Latin Beloved
Traits: Most people think of Cheryl as cute, petite, sweet, and friendly, though some picture her as fat. <-- Whee, cherry!! Oh, and you need to eat more.

Origin Meaning
Latin divine
Traits: Most people see Diana as a pretty, upper-class blonde who is old-fashioned, quiet, and intelligent. Some, though, see Diana as opportunistic.
<-- Do you still visit here?

Hmm.. no irvin o.O
Origin Meaning
Old English sea friend
Irish Gaelic beautiful
Traits: Irving calls to mind two different images: a stuffy, stodgy, and nerdy Ivy Leaguer, or a witty, talented, musical Jewish man reminiscent of Irving Berlin.
Irwin Traits: Irwin is pictured as a lonely, shy, and quiet only child who collects stamps and earns grades that make his mother happy. People say Irwin will grow up to be a highly successful, hardworking businessman.
<-- Woo, most unique name so far.. Irish gaelic? zomg

Origin Meaning
French I love
Traits: Jaime is a popular unisex name. A girl with this name is pictured as cute, sensual, and mischievous.
Form of James. (means One who supplants.)
<-- o.O First one in which the male/female versions have different meanings..

Origin Meaning
Hebrew God's gracious gift
Traits: No surprise! People think of Jane as plain. The name calls to mind the common, dependable, garden-variety girl next door; "Jane Doe."
<-- sad plain jane..
Janelle Traits: Janelle comes across as a thin, well-groomed, pretty blonde. She's a sweet, smart, and happy person who is either still in college or a professional woman.

Origin Meaning
Greek Form of Katherine. Pure, virginal.
Traits: People describe Katrina as a natural-born ballerina: slender, dainty, and graceful. She comes across as a sensitive, ladylike blonde with a rather aloof personality.
Origin Meaning
Hindi points of sacred kusa grass
Greek pure
Traits: People seem to think of Trina as a skinny ballerina with a ponytail who may be nice and easygoing or outspoken. Most think Trina is Spanish, though the name also suggest a Polish background. <-- Sacred kusa grass? omg, so cool.. haha.

Origin Meaning
Greek victory of the people
Niklas -> Swedish or german.. hmm
Traits: Thanks to St. Nicholas, most people think of Nicholas as cute, fat, jolly, and generous. Some, though, think of Nicholas as a spoiled, temperamental devil.
Traits: Most people picture Nick as a strong, swarthy gangster. Some, though, see Nick as a clever, suave good guy, like Nick Charles.
<-- woo, i mean victory.

Origin Meaning
Irish God's gracious gift
Traits: People think of Sean as either a small, moody loner, like Sean Penn, or a good-looking, adventurous, upper-class British sophisticate, like Sean Connery.
<-- Male form of jane. wahaha =p

Meaning: God's gracious gift
Traits: People think of Ian as a sophisticated, intellectual prankster--a Monty Python character, perhaps. Ian is pictured as a tall, thin Englishman who is likable but often labeled as a snob.
<-- Oops, forgot about you initially >.<. AND you have the same meaning as JANE AND SEAN OMG.
Female form of name: Ianna

Evil chinese names don't have meanings.. or at least, i can't be bothered to look.

Only other person possibly considered..
Origin Meaning
Old English from the bright meadow
Traits: People picture Shirley as a gray-haired version of Shirley Temple--cute, sweet, curly-haired, baby-faced, and overweight.
<-- You're from the bright meadow? Wooooo

Yay for random trivia post. Good to have general knowledge on random stuff


  1. No english name, only got lousy chinese name. How to have meaning?