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Saturday, 4 March 2006


(posted this one day later than the day i actually typed this)

Nice to see that our class is bonding rather well...i agree with jinrong that we should get ourselves a class tee or sth...anyone got any bright ideas? ^^

Along the lines of class spirit, went today to get application forms for OCIP in Thailand. Initially had high hopes that those selected would be able to go to Thailand and maybe build houses or sth like that. Instead, both the OCIP trips to Thailand and Shanghai are to teach kids english. Not that I'm demeaning the whole project or anything, but we go all the way there for a week to teach kids english, they are probably not going to speak it after we've left, they forget what they've learnt, and next year, yet another group goes with the impression that they are going to make a valuable contribution to the community, ad infinitum. Yes we learn about life and how to live it to the fullest from these kids who have got little, yet give everything they have to make their mark, but what i had hoped to be able to do was perhaps to go there, offer free labour like in building homes? or water tanks like i did with other sec 4s in chiang mai last year? all that AND teach english perhaps.

okay fine maybe i'm just making myself sound like a stupid saint.

so here goes: what if....just what if... we have a class service learning project? I just randomly popped the question at the class bench today after sch, and I think pple like Wailumn and Kai Herng are for it. So far the consensus is to work with kids, as not everyone is willing and able to communicate with the elderly. Wailumn has suggested organisations like MINDS, ASSISI, Tao Nan Garden(or sth like that?)

Thought of other stuff, like painting a mural or sth for an orphanage, but then again, i doubt we have the necessary artistic talent to do so. =P

Or how about helping out with camps for children, and be camp councillors??

Comments, people?


  1. MINDS organises an annual camp, which I have helped out at before, for CIP in Sec 2. So in order to make it qualify as a service learning project, we would need to offer to help organise the camp.

    Assisi - Home & Hospice Day Care Centre for Children?

  2. think abt it.. what's the true point behind cip or sl besides the fatter portfolio, the good sense of helping other ppl? it's abt love. go there. make a difference. yea, beign the pragmatic sort, i believe that we shld do something that will ultimately benefit them. and what do the kids in shanghai want? a water tank? a house? u want all these u go to somewhere like philippines where they realli need labour to build stuff for them to even have a roof ovr their heads. ultimately, if u do it w/o the love, there's no point.

    plus, abt yr point on groups going each yr with the impression that we are making an impression. (sry..horrible phrasing) -.- y don't u join the cip commitee then?