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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

hey hi hi i agree with cw that shouldn't stress, must be happy yarh...hahaha anyway dont kill ourselves over the test, still must do our best budden dont be too hung abt it lah. i think they confirm want to fail a lot of pple to ease us into JC life. ok that sounded like a rather ominous forecast but nevermind. test over then will be chao ji happy:)

today i heard some really crap news from my other friends. one of my seniors in DHS, now in VJC commited suicide on last fri. dunno if some of u know him... CO de, percussion, got 4As summore, J2 this year. pple still dunno why he jumped, and i feel v. v. stunned. its like, u dont think of pple u know commiting suicide, or even like just pple from ur school right...we know it happens, just that it happens elsewhere, so the impact never crashes in on us till its so close.hope this kind of stuff never ever happens in HCI...better to have dunno what scandal or disgraces in school, than a squander of human life yarh? i know it sounds depressing, but on a lighter note, it just shows how life is fleeting and even the pple we think we know can do the most unexpected, so must cherish what we have in front of us. life's kinda short to be moping away, it's too fleeting to allow us to waste a single moment of it.

carp diem! chill out, stay cool. cherish our lives, cherish our friends and stuff, cherish 7D :)


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