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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

our trip to ben sing's house =D

Hmmm today my nice, considerate, caring and kind classmates starved. Cos I was ultra late and they were waiting for very very very long to go eat together. I'm so touched='( Hahaha k so suddenly I made a resolution to be EARLY in future! (then alvin dun need complain so much liao:P) I am a very punctual person ok

Later we went Ben Sing's house and played tennis (or tried to) and after pairing up with Niklas, I concluded that Niklas: arm power = infinite, patience = limited, accuracy = non-existent. Congratulations:P Ok nvm I just realised that ppl who have none of the above qualities should not comment on others haha.

Oh there was this ultra cute little boy who gave Kai Herng a little toy car. And Kai Herng tried to roll it back to him. Not gracious at all la. Yup then I thought the little kid was speaking chinese so I tried to talk to him in chinese until other ppl told me he wasn't speaking anything he was just making rubbish sounds -__-

Hmm after that we played football with tennis balls, and rediscovered our childhood on the nice seesaw, and tried to wade around in the pool but ended up getting scolded by an old man -__- And also SOON HUAT THE RETARD scammed me the entire afternoon!!!! I hate him now hahaha. But nvm I feel a bit better cos everyone else got scammed as well:P

Later we went up to eat pizza and watched this very boring and supposedly sad chinese show cos Shir Li wanted to watch. I found it super funny hahaha. What kind of depressed person talks about wanting to be a peacock.. what's her problem.. -__- Then we played mafia and some lame games and went home. Well some ppl thought today quite sian la but I had fun!:D

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  1. I had fun too!!! =D
    But I'm sorry for shrilling when I could not recall names, and in so, causing distress to others (like driving someone to the wall). Haha!