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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

looking forward to the week

yo everybody!

know that everybody is very strssed now but we realy have many things to look forward to this week

1) the end of term 1, and thus, the hols. some of us may still be busy during the hols but at least we r not coming for lessons during the weekdays of the hols! n we dun need to worry so much about receiving piles of hw.

2) the end of bio and chem tests. it'll really give us a chance to rejoice when both these tests are over. lets forget bout CSp tests. haha. the end of tis week wil put an end to the meororizing.

3) possible new classmates. we may have new classmates! hu noes maybe we can hv somebody hu is really v nice and hu can really blend well with everybody in the class

n so cheers! no stress ya.


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