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Sunday, 19 March 2006


Boo, we all got scammed about the sputnik camp. Don't be fooled by the rosy pictures painted by those below, (it's like pure sarcasm), it was a horrible event =(

First thing, it probably was never meant for us. We were the only JC, and some speculate that it was an admin mess-up that got it to our side. Others believe a conspiracy involving the bio department, papers, and shinyness. Will not elaborate further.

Credit will be given for ACJC's attempt at a humorous video, though I think our school's videos are better. Anyway, after a short pointless and confusing introduction, we were split into groups. First off were ice breakers, where we got to know all our irritating groupmates.

[rant]First impression of annoying bugger from god knows where: Attention seeking, talks alot. Will let him live. [/rant]

Then we did some weird treasure hunt thingy. Involved papers pasted in random locations. And answering a MCQ question using our combined psychic powers to sense and predict the answer.

blahblah, used my ability to dao and anti-social to hide. Contributed to the group by doing some short story using 5 words though. Used one sentence. "He transformed some atoms into E. coli in a sunspot using the Force, some friction and a frog." My input caused our group to jump and become the fastest group. *ego inflates*

After that we visited the lab where people demonstrated how to dissect cockroaches. Cockroaches were chloroformed. No hands on. Sadistic urges not satisfied. Sad

Then we had a talk on DNA. I can't remember what they were talking about since I fell asleep. Then they gave us a paper with the 4 nucleotides, which we were supposed to cut out. And figure out how the hydrogen bonds were supposed to form. 90% of time: Cutting the thing. 1% of the time: Putting the paper on the table. And turning it. 6% of time: looking around, and asking what we were supposed to do. 3% of the time: Waving to the person and asking them to check if it was right.

How difficult is it to put two pieces of paper together? It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle. With 2 pieces.

Then we went for lunch. Didn't have any cards on us, so we were sad and couldn't play anything.
Then we went for some programming thing. It was dumb. And simple. And I spent the time thinking of ways to make the program in only 1 state.. Oh, and I got a prize for finishing some weird program thingy the fastest. (First attempt failed because I forgot to put the direction sign for one of em! Stupid. But i troubleshot and completed it again before anyone else got close. *muttermutter*) Then I tried to help Alvin bully newb too, but he didn't want to copy and lost to the little bugger.

[rant]2nd impression: little bugger ripped off program from someone else. or something. then attempts to look smart by spouting irrelevant stuff and talking much about nothing. Much hate. [/rant]

Went for video quiz thing. Waved at cm who had also bullied newbs and gotten prize. Found out Koo also bullied newbs and gotten prize. Went to sit down. Stupid bugger sat next to me. Vents anger on helpless wrapping paper of prize thingy.

[rant]Bugger is trying to look smart, by using long words, and using minor trivia knowledge. Doesn't shut up even if he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Likes to wave hand in grand gestures. Resists urge to thwap something. [/rant]

Went for cookies! Or biscuits. Or something. Played 2-man bridge.. whee.
Psycho-analyzed person incharge of our group. Predicted correctly.

Visited some mini-science center thingy, and actually learned some physics thing about momentum and spinning wheels. Which we won't care about since we don't take physics anyway.. Spent most of the time crapping with Jaime/Alvin. Successfully avoided irritating little kid. Then me/alvin jumped group and joined jaime's, but it didn't make much of a difference since both groups were going to the same place anyway. Played some weird ping pong game, Alvin imba'd with softball catching powers. Me stoned at side.

Then we did some weird sudoku thing.

[rant]stupid idiotic bugger of kid was acting smart AGAIN. and looking like a complete idiot. Couldn't he just shut the heck up and think instead of making pointless comments like "okay i will use my other method now. This is a game of logic." MUCH HATE! The he started spouting gibberish and using long words in the WRONG context. "If I superimpose this element and postulate this argument.." WTH IS WRONG WITH HIM?? THE MUTILATION OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!! My IQ dropped just by listening to his brainless retardese, and for a sidenote if he ever happens across this site:
su·per·im·posed, su·per·im·pos·ing, su·per·im·pos·es 1.To lay or place (something) on or over something else. 2. To add as a distinct feature, element, or quality: superimposed her own interpretation when she retold the story. You don't /superimpose/ numbers as a way to solve sudoku. I have no idea how you can remotely use superimpose in that context. Heck, you can even assume numbers to fill a certain square, but you don't superimpose a number there. Bloody idiot.
Then not to mention he likes to doubt other people, especially when we already tell him that something has to go there. Me: 7 goes there. Bugger: Why? If you have no logic then all this is useless. Me: There's a 7 there and a 7 there therefore 7 must go there. Bugger: Hmmm. *note how he likes to make noise even when he's thinking*. Hmm. *Bugger looks at it a while*
Bugger: 7 must go there. It's impossible for it to go anywhere else so therefore 7 must be there.

Me glares. Same thing happened with Alvin. Dumb moron.

After that, when the judge person thingy came along with the book and checked our answer, he went to go screen the answers. And he screened it wrongly. How stupid can you get until you screen WRONGLY? They happily went go spam all the numbers in while I was camping at the side and slacking. Then I went over, took a look, and pointed out that their answer was wrong. It decided to ask me to explain why I was wrong. I pointed it out. It decided to think about it for a while and decided I was right. Again.

Spent time throttling air. Decided that little kids have not improved and they still deserve to die a horrible death. [/rant]

Nothing really eventful after that, except they were dragging it forever and I wanted desperately to go home so I could just get the heck out of the place.

Will resolve to check out anything before I agree to signup for anything ever again.

Little kids suck.

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  1. For the treasure hunt, you forgot screening power. =P