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Thursday, 9 February 2006


omg omg omg o level results are coming out tmrw!
oh man im so scared -________-"
ok enough of my i whining le. today, we went to watch i not stupid too:) i would say that it was completely a laugh/cry thing, as in you're half laughing half crying throughout the movie. it was absolutely unbelievable how many sniffles one tiny little cinema theatre can hold, but it was practically being drowned in all the tears and mucus and stuff. seriously, it was a sniffle per second, and in the intervals, you just hear jane choking out how shuai the character is. i dont know why im babbling so much rubbish its probably cos im nervous.
bleep bleep blab blab bloop bloop
oh man this is so random
nobody's going to scold me for posting so much crap right?
i notice im the only one around posting rot.

ok bye bye (and someone get a nice blogskin at least! blue=boring!)


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