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Tuesday, 21 February 2006


.Hey 7D! Gosh I took so long to figure this out haha. Super retarded. Hmm thanks Kai Herng for helping.. :)

Yep today was ultra slack la. I wasted my whole aftnn at the class bench doing 2 miserable math qns frm tut 2A that we were supposed to have done a long time ago. cos firstly I'm quite slow at math and secondly I wasnt concentrating and thirdly I was damn sian and fourthly I was super hungry hahaha. Now thinking abt it I feel quite sad for myself.

Hmmm you know what, it's actually really nice staying in school just doing nth impt. I mean I've been doing that for like the past 2 years ahaha. Too bad I dunno how to play bridge/daidee/mahjong so always feel a bit antisocial when ppl play:P Ok anyway at this point I wanna point out that we all have different priorities right. So we shd tolerate one another's muggerishness or slackiness even while we try to achieve a balance (which actually I think we never will). Pls bear in mind that TOLERANCE IS A VIRTUE:D

Oh yeps Katrina don't worry cos your secret is safe with me HAHAHA. No la just kidding. Yep it's still v gd to be champs! My idol for one day ahaha not bad:D

Well I guess that's abt it la. STJ coming soon... hope it's more fun than JTS hahaha. All I remember abt JTS is how I started laughing when my food came cos it looked like JUNGLE hahahaha. Up till now I still find it quite entertaining:P


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