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Wednesday, 8 February 2006

hihi everyone. think things are so dead around here. eh.. think v few ppl know abt the blog since it's stil under construction.. but u all shud start blogging liao. erpz. currently many ppl online.. in fact the most i've seen since.. 4eva (14 ppl) think it's cuz of ilp econs.

eh.. as founder of blog (an unappreciated job), shall say a few things..


1. we shud not talk abt e blog on egroups.. for reasons obvious.
2. ppl shud start adding themselves..
3. we need coding to be done.. v.v for links, tagbd, etc. (bensing?)
4. a new template shud be eh.. made soon? volunteers...? if not.. i oso duno. ^^ mayb kope fr blogskin. then again, it wun be prsonalised. zai shuo ba..
5. hope that the blog doesn't die after 2 mths or so. pls.pls.pls.
6. the angel-mortal box is not gonna be there aft v-day right? so where to put the *ahem* stack of "postCARDS"? ^^
7. the apples in the box r rotting.. jx pressed one after guitar today.. it's soft.. argh.
8. someone come up with something (anything) to replace ''awaiting.creativity'' which is there bcuz i can't think of anything appropriate watsoeva..
9. eh.. nth le. egrps will be for file stuff, while this is more random i guess.. so egrp lives on..
10. btw, this is jane.

that's all folks!

shall end with a sad note.. o level results.. = ( gd luck to all!


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