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Tuesday, 21 February 2006

random gags

hi guys...just blogging a little before i go off to slp...

so what will STJ be like? Marche is definitely unanimous, at least for those who were banging their fists on the class bench and chanting in unison this afternoon...but heard that it will be in crystal jade? what's happening? where and when?

Just a few housekeeping matters that i suddenly thought of...we've got that black and lime green 7D class poster that the seniors painted...probably still in the class mailbox...wanna hang it up above our class bench or sth?

and remember during orientation when we were all rather high...and wailumn suggested having this class gag where pple suddenly point up to the sky and start exclaiming? wanna do that some day after school when everyone's stoning at the class bench? =)

thought of another random gag. quite common though...while walking along the corridors of the E block after lessons, the whole class could look into an occupied class, smile and wave at the people inside while walking, and kind of gradually bend ur knees to look as though you are sinking into the ground...all that while still smiling and waving. Chia Ming suggested having this wave effect while we are at it...

yay. this is probably going to be lame, but whateverrr. long live insanity and impulse. =)

SmileS! (ps Alvin, don't smile with chocolate in your makes ur teeth look rotten haha)

1 comment:

  1. alvin8:36 pm

    I bet no one will see this! but nvm. just wanna say that eating oreos and smiling after that has a much better effect of rotten teeth! damn cool, looks like the pirates on POTC.