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Sunday, 26 February 2006


I feel scandalized.. =(

Despite what I expect everyone to say, the below are taken out of context.. *cough staring competitions*. Hence the stoned expressions.

Before going for dinner, a large proportion of the class went to go play pool, and I managed to get a nice 75% win rate.. not bad for a newbie. Proves the beginner's luck + 10% philosophy. After that, we realised we were late and consequently dawdled our way over to taka, after which we went all over the building apparently looking for other people. Then, we went to go find crystal jade, noting in the process there seemed to be alot of other crystal jades around..

Of course, of the 4 different ones we had to go to the one with the longest queue and the cheapest food, a queue approximately 40+ minutes long. *insert sardonic "i told you so"*, because my brilliant *coughlastminutecough* prediction the day before came true that on saturday, taka, crystal jade, would be so full it would be difficult to fit 30+ people in it. Hah.

So sitting around we got really bored and I decided I wanted a rematch for my pathetic loss the last time! Hence the staring competition. The first round was over in less then 10 minutes with me emerging as the victor! Then we stoned for the next 30 minutes (i was timing), all the way until the queue was gone. Attracting weird stares from passerbys. (Jaime was wearing contacts and needed eyedrops, resulting in the look like she was crying. Terrible scandal material)

Eventually we made it into the restaurant, and plonked ourselves at a table. Then started to order/whatnot and blah.

Anyway, STJ wasn't all that fun for my table, since it was an all-guys table, and there were no conversation starters or fun people. So we sat around and ate. Then we played hp games.
The hand phone games were good.

We continued playing handphone games with evil koo bullying us newbies because he had practiced getting hole-in-ones on his handphone for ages. But I managed to maintain a lead for a while (supporting beginner's luck + 10% theory, and the niklas must screen to win theory), until i hit a stupid 7-pointer, which sucked. That, and koo started remembering how to score 1-pointers.

In the meantime we were following the rest who were apparently looking for a haagen daz outlet or something, and people amusing themselves trying to reverse names.. some of the best include Yat Noraa, Ook Wredna, Gnow Salkin (now sulking. whee), and of course Gnip Gnip Gnap =p

Halfway through the ordering of the ice cream, the security guard came and started closing the door. (I'm sure it wasn't our fault for making strange noises!), and we rushed to the other exit to get out, with Adrian (i think?) standing under the door to prevent the guy from closing it.

We trekked outside, where poor Alvin was set upon being the unlucky holder of the ice cream, and we camped in the corner to finish up the two tubs (yes two tubs. That's how litt.. much 50 bucks gets), and had fun with dry ice afterwards, with Jin Rong doing a statue of liberty pose, and various suggestions of dumping it on the road to make it look suspicious.

Then we all went home.


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