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Thursday, 23 February 2006

*must there be a title?*

quoted fr tagbd of senior claz: "btw CRYZ jade cannot make alot of noise if not the SIEW CHAIRS will chase u all out out out bad idea"

the mass appeal for non-crysjade went.. er.. unsuccessful. how sad. but only 5 out of 18 ppl going strongly felt against crysjade. hmm.. owell.. since there's nth we can do abt it, might as well jx enjoy it lorh. but cannot make noise.. v.v tragic. where's the fun.. erpz.

why do adults not like kids to make noise?

n so i tink we shud do sth else after the dinner. if not abit.. weird? like jts has been noted to hav little interaction btwn S and J, so stj shud be better.. i hope?

i can't view the russell peters thing..

btw, our claz has new pack of tiny cards. which i think can be made tinier!! haha. (quote of the day: why did u go and bid 4 hearts..) lolx. ok. i shall not open screen again.. x.x

regarding debate tmr.. aiyah.. y our debaters so zibaoziqi.. mx hav the "fighting" spirit mah. so realistic n measure ur abilities for wat.. x.x ha. but all the best lah. n no matter wat happens, u all will stil hav our support! n applause! ^^ ganbatte!! cannot trash at least put up a gd fight. heh. *looks forward to tmr*

n with that, i shall go attack my ever-sky-high pile of tutorials. i dun understand y i haven't been able to finish them!!! why?! sigh..

p.s. we need a better archiving system.. anyone knows how to do archiving? -.-
p.p.s. re: ben's tag -> the "word" isnt exactly convenient to spell out.. hmm.. ^^


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