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Monday, 13 February 2006

jts (9/2)

Ok, it seems that no one is willing to post anything on the jts. So I will.
Want to wait 1 hr++ for yr food? Want to pay $2 for accidentally destroying the menu? Go to fish & co.! (btw, it was not me who found out the second revelation, jin rong did...) (:
Anyway the fish & chips were nice. More than 30 people turned up, majority seniors and the bill totalled > $500. And Soon Huat paid for it first..wonder why he brings so much money around...
Nothing much happened. At least nothing exciting. But Jaime won a staring competition with Niklas and I lost to Jaime too and my competition with Niklas ended with a tie :)
We left past 9pm, and another class (67 if I'm not wrong) was waiting outside as there was not enough seats. Haha..we own them..who ask them come so late?
Yongzi and I saw 3. YES THREE bus 190s leaving the bus stop at once. So we decided to stone outside fish & co with the rest while waiting for the next one to come. Then another one appeared suddenly, so we sprinted/ran quite a distance to catch the bus which fortunately lagged at the bus stop for some time.

Sounds boring? Somebody else post something, photos, whatever, keep this alive :) (:


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