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Sunday, 7 May 2006

message from jin rui

hey my Apollo juniors! my time as your fac head is ending soon le. im v happy that u guys have been really enthusiastic and passionate for apollo. i thank u guys for your support for me since the beginning of the yr and also for the wonderful experience that u've given me. i will be stepping down in like 2 weeks time, and you'll have your new fac heads! i hope u guys will support them the way u've supported me and work with them to make apollo the champion for this yr k! me have one last lap to go with u guys: the inter-fac cheering on thurs! i hope that all of you will come down to support Apollo and to cheer for our faculty and our runners. not only cheer, but cheer out your lungs! together with every one of you, your new fac heads and me (=p), we will show the other facs the power of Apollo and make Apollo beyond godlike!

1 comment:

  1. Are you all going print out the cheers list for us to read beforehand?