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Saturday, 20 May 2006

Class Tee!

Latest update from teh designer.

I think the general concensus is we will continue with the periodic table idea, which will appear on the back of the tee, with the title "The Chemistry of 06S7D" above it and then every person's element above the title.

But now we need ideas for the following:
1. Numbers to put in (of each element)
2. Design on front of tee - preferably a simple "cool pic"?

Please contribute your ideas! =D Hopefully we'll get it done during this hols.

EDIT: Need ideas for colour of tee, too :)


  1. thanks for initiating this. if u didn't we prob wldn't even have a class tee at the end of the year. :P

  2. yup! thankew aaron for doing this! :) the numbers can simply be the favourite number of tt person? Or birth dates. eg: 118K(at). anw wat's the colour of the shirt? :)

  3. hm if birthdates form Ar, then how about proton number?