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Monday, 1 May 2006

Eight Qualities Thing

For 4 months I was happily thinking that I was added to this blog, just to find out that I attempted to add myself twice, but was never sucessful. >.< Nevermind! Yay! I'm here now, to do the 8 qualities thing.

1. Someone who will always be there for me ^^
*cough* I suppose i'm not exactly the most secure/optimistic person on earth so I'll need someone to be my pillar of support? And my source of comfort? ^^" So that I know that no matter how bad things get, I'll always have someone to turn to, someone to lean on.

2. Commited
Well, if we decide to be in a relationship, then a certain amount of commitment and sincerity should be present right? Not asking for 24 hours of attention but if he spends all day/week/month long watching soccer/playing games or chasing after other girls then there isn't any point being together is there? ^^"

3. Driven
Someone who is motivated to achieve his goals in life, and passionate about something (more substantial and realistic). Even though a slacker may seem very laidback and fun at first, i think it gets very frustrating after a while if a guy lives a day at a time without goals.

4. Has a sense of humour
Someone who can make me laugh/laugh with me. If not life would be so mundane.

5. Optimist
To balance out the pessimistic side of me? So in seemingly bad situations we'll pull through by infecting me with his cheerfulness ^^"

6. Straightforward
To the point, but tactful. Imagine a guy who beats around the bush all the time, and you have no idea what he's trying to say and you ahve to read between the lines all the time. It's tiring and irritating. Sure, it may be cute at first (blushing cute nerdy guys!) *cough* but not for extended periods of time thank you.

7. Sweet
Just doing small little things to show that he cares. (sorry, i'm a die-hard romantic at heart)

8. Someone I feel at ease with
We'll just be comfortable and ourselves with each other ^^.

Yay. Of course if that guy is rich, tall, handsome, young that'll be a plus XD.
I agree, this isn't a checklist. I'll probably know love when i see/feel it? Love is blind, maybe in the end i'll end up with someone totally opposite of all of these. ^^"
And this ends my first post on class blog! Yay, now people can't accuse me of being inactive and contributing to the death of the class blog. ^^


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