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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


helo peeps! urgent update.. actually nt very urgent. anw, shirli n i went to buy a card n a present for mrs foo today after sabbaticals (which was quite fun/disastrous. wahaha.. sucked crabs out from container (by accident) which er.. almost died if the person din save it. and the person was quite nice abt it.. "must put back ok?" lol! and we escaped being mascots!! (when we were supposed to be. haha.. smart wailumn.) so it wasn't too bad ^^ shirli promises to update more in detail. heh.)

oh. so much for sidetracking. anw, i went to measure the card (28cm X 19cm) and did some "manipulation of data" (area:546cm2) and more (area per person: 24.8181818..cm2) thus, go prepare some er.. note of thanks, etc. to write tmr. cuz it'll be quite rushed. -.- 24.8cm2.. quite alot of space, depending on ur writing. ok. that's about it.

as for the present, eh.. it's some black, non-glossy hp chain with 4leafclover thingee and has 4 letters on it (wahaha.. cost-saving. oopz. x.x) "7D <3 U". yupz.

ok. that's all. good luck to all for bio spa tmr!! and to the 3 ppl who will know guitar exco results tmr as well. ^^

7D all da way!~


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