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Sunday, 23 November 2008

november 23rd!

okay that title was no big deal because I couldn't think of a nice title. But anw it's 4am and there's no better time to sleep because my exam starts on monday post on the class blog!

well well well, to all other singaporean guys not in med, here's a glimpse of uni life from the perspective of a 19-year-old singaporean guy who's not expected to be in uni just yet.

So... I don't usually hide my age, but i think there's still a handful of people around me who think i'm 21, which is kinda fun. Not that i like to act old but well it's just fun (you see why i'm in fos not fass cos if i write essays with arguments like that i'm not gonna do well). but anw, a typical conversation with someone (let's say a year 1 guy) i've just met goes like this:
him: "hi"
me: "hi"
...some random what's-ur-names and how-is-lifes and which-fac-you-froms and OH let's talk about the which-fac-you-froms...
him: "which fac you from?"
me: "sci"
him: "oh. which major?"
me: "life sci"
him: "oh. do you know -insert name 1-"
me: 'no' (typing single-inverted commas is easier)
him: '-insert name 2-?'
me: 'no'
him: '-insert names 3,4,5 and 6-????'
me: 'erm no. no. no. don't think so.'
-silent pause- (maybe he's thinking 'ok this guy's a loner') then
me: 'life sci is huge. like A LOT OF PPLE. yeah.'
-moving on-
him: 'so which sch u from?'
me: 'hc'
him: 'OH so you must know -insert name of famous councillor/joker/randomnotoriousperson from hc two years our senior-'
me: 'no'
him: 'NO?!'
me: 'errr actually i'm 89 batch'
him: 'oh. med?'
me: 'no.'
him: 'm'sian?'
me: 'no.'
him: 'foreigner from some other country?'
me: 'no.'


sch's pretty okay so far. fun at times, sian at times, busy at times. normal stuff. fun cos i just smashed a piece of cake right in the middle of someone's face for the first time in my life, sian cos my lessons start at 8 all the time, busy cos there's alws some usp writing stuff to do (jaime can testify to that).

i shall let pictures do the talking too:

NUS condo and my room: the place i've been staying in most of the time (except during the weekends) for the past erm 4 months or so. what pgp really lacks is a swimming pool, then it'll really be like a condo. ha.

typical life sci lecture. well. actually i've only got 1 life sci module this sem.

somehow i spent quite a lot of time behind booths. selling stuff/giving out stuff/asking pple to fill in survey. but the selling of food is really quite fun. it's for my yep (ocip). going to vietnam this december for 3 weeks! there goes my holiday... but oh well i'm not regretting.

this photo was taken during the last chem lab session. chem prac really isn't what it used to be. no rudylee to tell u what to/demonstrate stuff =( it's go online, download the prac, watch videos online on how to do all the new stuff u've never done before, scribble those steps on the inadequately-described practical handout, go to the lab, start doing ur stuff, and when u're done hand in ur work (usually a sealed packet of whatever sample you've purified) and then leave. at least that's how my org chem prac went. but i've got great bench mates so it's not that stressful.


well i saw this hanging in a car. if you manage to read what it says, it's this guy declaring his love for his manliness in the I <3 NY style. hint: it says "I <3 MY P...."

HA! bet the last time you went for an excursion to the zoo with ur cher and ur classmates was like long long ago. I went last week for the biodiversity module. it was raining too. and it was one day after the white tiger incident.

and finally.....

I photocopied my fone. -.-
hey! but it looks so artistic can? i shldn't have folded the paper. but it nonetheless remains nice enough for me to want to pin it up on my noticeboard.

wishing everyone a great 23rd of november and to all those taking exams/CAs soon, best of luck too!
nehnannypoopoo my exams end on 26thnov nehnannypoopoo

(hm u know like. less than 3? like <3)

omg it's 5am OKBYE!


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