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Friday, 28 November 2008

A HUGE thank you to you all who posted, it was just so lovely catching up and feeling like, in some way, I was really sharing part of your lives. Coming back to this class blog after the longest time, expecting dust and cobwebs, and somehow seeing this place so lively is..honestly..the best post-exams present ever (:

It's strange that old feelings of sentimentality can remain so dormant, and be stirred up again by mere words on a computer screen. But then again, words penned by you all are just..different. A lot of it has to do with..thinking back to the first few moments and first impressions. And then reliving everything we suffered together (some lessons filled with tyranny and fear (or maybe just for some of us who didnt do work and/or fell asleep in class)) and riffling through snapshots of the class (honestly it appears in my mind like black and white photos (but i can also choose to play it in video form lah) - am i just abnormal?) - our addiction to captains' ball. going DAMN EARLY to bio lecture to read notes (yes we are true blue nerds). our hotdog tuesdays. somehow knowing our class would destroy the way the results bar chart looks (but then again, it became normal once our 3 titans left for intl competition HAHAHA). early mornings at the class bench. the warm and homely feeling being with you all. our ever-enthuness for school events.

You know...reading the class blog in the past was like...entertainment (but then again I found a lot of things entertaining right ha ha ha). Reading it now though is altogether different experience, like snatching a peek into the way our lives have all diverged. And it's so amazing right, how many of us would have thought this far ahead or, even if we did, the intensity and the reality of this change? It's like we all get swept up in the speed with which new things, new people come at us...

For me, SMU law has been...intense. Wish i could say im loving every moment of it but the MUGGING REALLY SUCKS SOMETIMES (right,jane?and all the other uni ppl?and army guys hang in there it'll be over soon(: ) still i DO love it mostly and im so so glad that i chose the right school and the right course and i know this is what i really want to do...(: (though sometimes still a bit sad about not being able to go overseas lah. But. The grass is always greener over there)

Made many many new friends..that's the gift of moving on right? Somehow, though, 06s7d is really special to me (honestly..e.g..i would never say the same thing for my NY classes) for reasons I don't know, or don't feel able to articulate right now..but I'm sure..most if not all of us share this something that belongs so exclusively to us. It doesn't have to be verbalised. It just..exists (and I'm glad it does)

Miss you all so much (contrary to what I stupidly mentioned at the class chalet bbq last time and which i NOW FORMALLY RETRACT) and do take bestest care k meet up soon! (:

P.S. ANYWAY in case anyone was wondering, yes my laughter is still as uncontrollable and famous in uni! (omg i think it got worse actually!!) the law kids have 100000 names for it (kind of reminds me of you all! haha) and most of it involves insanity provisions in the penal code, etc. sad.

P.P.S Btw I'm somehow damn slow at math and science now looks like STP didnt get to reap its fruits of labour after all haha :X

Chia Ming


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