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Monday, 10 November 2008


contrary to 'popular' belief, i'm not very free. but ok, shall save the blog left stranded and abandoned on this lonely monday night.

hmm. school's pretty much routinised and we all complain about being like living machines. you know, go there at this fixed, programmed time on particular days, do what you're supposed to do, process it, apply it, go home, repeat process. but it's pretty much about that huh? (of course, there's always the random stuff sprinkled here and there..) whether it's at the workplace, at school, in the army, 'people' (and we practically don't know who these legendary 'people' are) always have plans for us. so we just carry them out. a very surreal experience. it's as if you're there, and then again, you aren't really. you're just living out something else.

i think everyone in class is doing pretty well all around the world, a little less than half in army, a little more than half studying our asses off.. or maybe not =)

let's make a list of who's where as of now.. let me try to remember the class list..

ok i can't remember. i shall use the photo up there.

jinrong - nus med
bensing - nus med
adrian - nus med
liangen - nus med
alvin - nus fos
shirli - camb econs
jaime - nus fos
chiaming - smu law-biz
jane - nus law
katrina - uoi
wailumn - upenn biz
chernwei - lse econs

is it? if anything's wrong, feel free to change it or add stuff (like modules or courses or scholarships or double degree or majors or minors or miscellaneous programmes or ccas or exchange or what not) =) and apologies if i got it wrong! the army people can put in whatever posting, rank, etc. haha.

since i don't really have much to say about myself, shall just let the pictures do the talking..

my campus at night.. taken by a rather shaky tired hand. it's a pretty campus.. isolate from the rest of nus at krc (kent ridge campus) and quiet. nice to walk around when it's raining. then the blinds will come down automatically. it's quite funny cuz people sit at those ledges (the semicircles) and when the blinds come down when it's raining, they have to get down fast or be trapped outside with the 'cats and dogs' (read: 'raining cats and dogs'). which i find amusing. especially when they lay out so many papers and such. and i saunter pass.. apathetically. oops. haha. anyone who wants to come over just let me know =) wow. sounds like such an advertisement.

well, a lot of swearing? from coursemates and lecturers, etc. like during seminar, we were 'introduced' to this term, lppl. and apparently, the army guys are supposed to know, but we all looked so lost. google it if you have any interest. and stuff like SFW and BFD.. *to try not be influenced* i can understand if people want to swear for some valid reason, but it gets annoying when some people think they're still in army and attach profanities to every single sentence. so what if you were a commander or you were from army? every one else has toned it down or at least realised that, well, you're not in the army anymore. so get over it. wake up. show some respect.

graffiti at vivo. vw roadshow. saw my ex-colleagues from the last roadshow and they could recognise me =)) that aside, it didn't occur to me that vw and graffiti could go together. but it's really quite a cool concept. wonder how much the setup cost this time..

i always thought that the font was deliberately made small so that the books can be in a reasonable size and of a reasonable weight. the picture shows that 7 lines of the criminal law textbook can fit into the first 'joint' (*gets hammered by med people*) of my little finger. my boss used to tell me that her degrees shot up during her pupilage. never doubted that. will never doubt that. but will try to take good care of my eyesight as of now.

another page of the textbook. i won't be so naive as to think that anyone would seriously want to read it. but in any case, the point was to show that law is not that detached from science, math and equations.

ok. gotta do my tutorial now. all the best to the uni people in the mid-years (and finals for some modules)! looking forward to seeing the overseas people returning and to the short holidays too =)) as for the rest, enjoy ns! =D lol.


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