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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Important-but-just-slightly-less-important-announcement-than-the-one-below Announcement

Event: STJ
Time: Sunday, 11/02/2007, 6:00 pm (+0800 GMT)

Well. Ignore the fine print below since some people disagree for now. So juniors don't get your hopes up while we reconfirm =b

Place: Seoul Garden, Ngee Ann City
Things to bring: Yourself, money, a sense of fun
Things to do (now): Confirm if you're going or not so someone can reserve. Submit one-time direct taxation of $20 per person to the Ministry of Finance (The Treasury) on Thursday (08/02/2007) or Friday (09/02/2007). If you are going, bring additional funds to pay for your own meal on Sunday.

Event: Shopping
Time: Saturday, 10/02/2007, Afternoon (to be confirmed?) Or Sunday, before STJ?
Place: To be confirmed
Things to bring: Yourself, money, ideas
Things to do (now): Decide if you want to go shopping


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