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Monday, 19 February 2007

Finalised CNY Outing on Tuesday

Date: 20/02/2007
Venue: Koo's house, which is in Hougang
Meeting Place/Time: Hougang MRT Station, 1pm
Things to bring: Whatever you think can help entertain you
Activity: Random entertainment with whatever is available, whatever you brought, and whoever is there.

Since most people should have finished their rounds visiting/welcoming relatives by today, a class CNY outing has been proposed to take place tomorrow, Tuesday (20/02/07), in the afternoon (to accommodate the guitarists who have practice in the morning, as well as lazy people who like to sleep late).

Unfortunately, so far only 8 people have expressed any form of interest in this activity. So kindly declare your intentions towards this outing, via replies to this post, SMS, or any credible form of communication, preferably by today, Monday (19/02/07). (Will be in Malaysia for the rest of today, so kindly pardon the lack of replies)

Suggestions of what to do thus far stands at a grand total of TWO, so please feel free to continue with your generous contributions.
  1. Watch Norbit (VETOED) and then crash Rudy Lee's house (approval yet to be sought) Rudy Lee rents a room in an apartment and cannot invite us.
  2. Bring some games (e.g. taboo, mahjong) and visit somebody's house. (I know of one that is within walking distance of a shopping mall, MRT station, bus interchange, swimming complex, polyclinic and playground with swings in addition to containing 1 TV (since the other one died), a few bikes, 4 functional comps + 2 laptops, and is available for use.)
Despite the general lack of response with regard to this, juniors are most probably welcome if they feel inclined to join (especially if they can offer places to visit), and IF we actually manage to decide on something.


  1. Update from Andrew (since I can't edit his post); he says Rudy Lee only has a rented room and thus we can't crash his place.

    (HRMMM do you really think he only has a rented room. I thought he was very rich and all that... hmm =P)

  2. i can probably go..

  3. Well... go where? =p