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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

27.3% Class Outing

We got mass pangseh-ed, but Rujun has kindly reminded us about the chalet/bbq. Retribution, as Adrian would say.

After the guitarists had lunch at Hougang Mall's food court, we went on to my house, and proceeded to obsess over the keyboard, because there were no dogs or little kids available (Piano pieces sound very nice with the 'Synthetic Voice').

And then, there was mahjong (thanks, Nik!). After observing for just 2 rounds, I, someone with absolutely no previous mahjong experience, lured Alvin away with a guitar so that he could have his duet with Jane, took over, and proceeded to win 3 or 4 games eventually! Unfortunately, Alvin managed to reinsert himself into the game, and dominated much of it with his imba 自摸 skills. The excitement of mahjong managed to keep people staying for dinner at 6:30, after which Adrian had to rush back to the hostel with Aaron accompanying him on the same bus trip home.

During the intermission, Alvin and Jane went back to playing the keyboard (sense any recurring themes?), before the lure of bridge became too strong. Naturally, Jane Wu Ying Ying/珍吴莹莹盈盈 lived up to her name and 真的无赢赢, save for 1 miraculous win with Alvin. The last 3 people left at 9, and 2 of them are probably still on the way home even as I type this.

Quote of the Day
Nik to Alvin: "Don't 自摸 my thing!"


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