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Friday, 16 February 2007

breathe life into the blog!

Ok. Whee! Taboo is fun!! I have the game set at home (my mum bought it) but have never played it before. It seriously tests your ability to describe words on the spot =D And we had fun! We as in some seniors and some juniors.

And playing bridge with mahjong tiles! The tiles were labelled with poker card symbols and numbers (i.e. AKQJ10-2, CDHS) and shuffling was slacky!! Whoo!

Plus about good and bad karma/ luck =D

-----Seriously important updates to keep the blog alive!-----
Update about class blog: I was curious about the new blogger and everything and shifted the class blog to a new updated google account. But unfortunately I used my gmail as the login email. So unless I give my password to everyone it is impossible to post entries on the class blog via the 06s7d account. So apologies everyone...I will try to figure out how to move it to another google account (the one). Meanwhile, everyone just use your own account to post can? (:
And one thing...apparently theres some stupid problem with 'team blogs' in the new version. And that is every member has to switch to the new version (i.e. have a google account) before (s)he can post =S


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