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Friday, 30 June 2006

????why we need superman????

heeey.. main purpose of my post is to refute everyth tat cm says. wahahah..

firstly! YAY!! blocks are OVER!! jane survived! *3 cheers* everyone survived! *3X21 cheers*

obviously blocks hav screwed my mind up irreversibly. so abit mad n hyper now. *delayed reaction*

mrs foo din catch me with my earring! whee.. nevertheless, i shall be guai n remove it by.. nxt nxt wk. cuz nxt wk im not coming to sch!! yay. everyone shud miss me! ^^

shall defend the poor soul. "ppl" din buy their food late. sniff. it was slow in coming. and everyone was evilly tryin to make "ppl" swallow hot n spicy food fast. which is extremely.. cruel! made "ppl" shed tears *sniff* poor thing. hmph. *predicts a sore throat* u all shud go reflect and repent..

after movie we walked ard in circles (big ones) ard orchard. quite stupid. we had no plans so walked extra extra distances. kept bumping into random ppl. unexpected! at the end of the day, everyone went broke. o.O y we exchanged money for paper we duno. x.X n i happen to lose ALL the receipts im supposed to claim money fr class fund. argh.. btw, "they" who erased stuff and wrote again did the perfect thing! or else.. ahem. it'd be.. quite disastrous. hurray for the "they"! ^^ and highly efficient someone managed to scan + send neops to everyone as soon as she got hm. so hurray for her too! ^^

and latest announcement : may be an outing on monday! location, time, activity unconfirmed. ^^ cya'll!

p.s. time to revamp my blog. do not visit site under construction. ^^


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