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Sunday, 4 June 2006

Shanghai OCIP

well, well, it's quite true actually, we had the weekend off for shopping, plus daily free-time to do even more shopping. plus the teachers didn't really enforce the lights-out rule and most of us gathered in room 704 (the coolest room in terms of air-con) to play bridge, eat snacks, and simply have a friendly chat. there were scandals, yes, and in due time i will post some photos which will speak for themselves ^_'

some of us got really close (in terms of friendship) and we're gonna hang out this coming tuesday...too bad shirli couldn't come else i think she would be glad to meet this group of really nice i realised that chia ming and jaime knew one of them (jia lin anyone?) on a previous trip to shanghai in sec 3...hmm

oh well i guess that's all...i haven't even blogged on my own blog abt the up for more updates =P

finally, thank you mr lee for treating us (the 13 of us who tagged along with the teachers) to dim sum on the last day =D

quote of the day:
US: "Who do you think is the cutest chem tutor in sch?"
Mr Lee: "Irrelevant...Change topic"

PS chou dou fu is rather horrible


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