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Sunday, 9 April 2006


you know i wasted two bloody hours in front of the com yesterday while refreshing the sabats page? i logged on at abt 3.50pm, it was lagging so hard it took me at least five minutes to sign in to IVLE. after which, to go to the eapplications page, it took about 10 aeons, after which there was this thing on top that happily stated
SERVER TIMED OUT or something of the like. ARGH. im assuming everybody went through the same thing as me, so everyone just kept happily refreshing the page, so we happily clogged up the ivle together, and we happily lagged together. yay ok so i sat there for two hours refreshing and refreshing while others also refreshed and refreshed. didnt work for me, if not i wouldnt be so frustrated. anyway, i just gave up then because i felt it only served to make happy pple grumpy. @%^#! when i came home at eleven plus, the ivle server thing was still happily timing out.
then jane saves my life by giving me this link which is absolutely a god-sent (or at least a smart-IT-savvy-student-sent) which helped me sign up for sabbats in like two seconds or so. whoever you are, a million thanks from me:)
niklas i think i should have just listened to u though, and start camping at three. it would save me so much frustration.


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