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Sunday, 9 April 2006


Registering Sabbaticals was living hell... The server was sooooo lag that I had only just signed up.

Wasted sooooo much money, wasted sooooo much time. Thank goodness I was doing math tutorial at the same time.

So here's approximately what happened:

Approx. 3.55 pm:
Logged in to IVLE, server was extremely slow but i logged in anyway

Approx. 4.05 pm:
Finally opened the window for e-sabbaticals. Showed server timeout. Dots. Refreshed the window

Approx. 4.10 pm:
Com went to standby. WT... Com got super lag. Pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del multiple times before the computer responded

Approx. 4.20 pm:
Logged in again, clicked "e-Application". Wait, wait, wait.

Approx. 4.30 pm:
"The page cannot be found" (or something like that). WT... Oh, got disconnected (what do u expect from dial-up?). Scolded 4-letter words multiple times (or was it just once?). Actually 4-letter words won't do, but my vocabulary is so limited that i can't think of anything else to say.

Approx. 5 pm:
Got connected and disconnected multiple times. Got pissed off. Shut down the com and completed my math tutorial.

Approx. 7.30 pm:
Tried again. Server timed out again.
Tried again. Server timed out again.
Within this period of time, i completed a minesweeper game in approx 300 seconds (actually it's slightly less).
Got pissed off. Logged out, played com games and went to sleep.

Approx 12.45 pm:
Finally signed up for two dumb courses. Server apparently recovered.

Morals of the story:
  1. Somebody go upgrade the server.
  2. Should have read the class blog earlier (but i doubt it helps).
  3. Should have signed up for broadband (doubt it helps either).
  4. NOT sign up at 4pm.
  5. Save money. End of blog. Thank you. Publsh post. Bye bye.


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