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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

8 qualities

Hmm got tagged by kai herng. and since I promised to do after Niklas.. or at least he remembers so

1. Independent
Someone who's opinionated and has his own way of doing things. not stubborn, but also isn't easily influenced by what others think cos he knows what he really wants and is willing to go all out to get it=D

2. Committed
I guess this is a lot abt sincerity. and definitely someone who cares abt me.. whom i trust and can count on to pull thru together when things may not be working out

3. Easygoing
Don't sweat the small stuff. Someone who won't get stressed out all the time, cos its terribly irritating and i'm not that patient=/ (imagines boyfriend whining into ear. omg scary)

4. Resilient
Someone who rises to the challenge and doesnt shirk from problems. Who isn’t easily set back and who isn't afraid to try just cos he may not make it thru. gung ho=D

5. Confident
He shdnt be egoistic but neither does he need constant assurance. This is v impt cos in the first place I won't be attracted to someone with an inferiority complex. Can u imagine spending all day saying, "no of course you're not lousy i think you're great i like you a lot". i'll just run away pls

6. Fun
Someone who is spontaneous and adventurous. Exciting!=D Plus, I'm definitely attracted to a guy who can make me laugh! It's not that hard:P

7. Sporty
Cos I like athletic guys!=D And when we are bored we can go play sports together, then he won't say "eh I dunno how to play badminton, tennis, soccer, squash, swim, run, jump or do pull-ups. sorry" erm thats a bit sad and boring

8. Someone I'm comfortable with:)
A guy who accepts me for who I am. Similarly he should be natural... Hopefully someone I can have lots of fun with but also be v serious with with necessary, and whom I can enjoy companionable silence with! (shir li and jane will know, haha)

Ok I'm finally done.. btw I think Kat's post is quite mature haha. Mine is kiddy:P Haha I think I'm just not ready to invest in a serious relationship. maybe in the future!=D

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  1. did u just list out everything u think algernon is? :P haha