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Sunday, 23 April 2006

The 8 Quality Thing

Okay…didn’t expect such a response on the tagboard…had intended to do it here just for fun, but now I kinda feel like backing out… I’m like, gonna publicise my innermost thoughts and feelings on the class blog?!

Oh well…in the name of fun. And for the sake of keeping the class blog alive. I’ll just hide my face on Monday.

You pple who have been tagged had better type yours here asap!!!! Or beware my wrath. Muahaha…

Would have liked to put down some shallow superficial stuff for my 8 qualities just for laughs, but I’ve put some thought into this, so it might not be as interesting as expected. Nevertheless:

1. It would be preferable for my partner to have the same religion as me, i.e. Christianity. I believe that being a Christian is a lifelong journey, and what’s better than to have a partner who has the same belief as I do. We would be able to grow and learn from each other, and help each other along.

2. I admire people with strong willpower and determination to work towards their end goals. This is a trait that I admire a lot from my dad. However, my partner would also have to be able to deal with failure, as it is through failure that one’s grit is tested and one’s character refined.

3. I would like my partner to be in touch with his emotions, and not be afraid to express his true feelings. Guys tend to be less sentimental and emotive, like my dad, who tends to hide his feelings, and has difficulties expressing his love for his kids sometimes.

4. I would like my partner to be capable of putting those around him first before himself. Humble, patient, unselfish, not egoistic... I think I’m being too demanding haha.

5. I would like my partner not to be too materialistic or too pragmatic, but rather, be easily contented with the simplest things. There would not be a need to get bungalows, cars, multiple degrees and a huge fortune just to find joy and meaning in life.

6. This is very subjective, but my partner is obviously someone whom I can be myself with. There will not be any need for me to put up an act, and force myself to be what I’m not. Words will come easily when we converse. No awkward periods of silence. Can talk about anything and everything. And stuff like that. Don’t know how this is to occur. Perhaps we’ll just… click? =)

7. I would like my partner to be fun loving, have an adventurous spirit, and always be willing to try something new. (I think I’m sounding repetitive. Whoops.)

8. Lastly, I would like my partner to have moral integrity, as it is under adversity that his morals will determine how he reacts and set him apart from the rest.

Guess that wasn’t too bad. Waha. As an afterthought, there can never be a perfect lover who has all these 8 qualities. Even if there was, I think I would still prefer someone who is lacking in one of these. It would give us both room for mutual encouragement and growth. Somehow there is beauty in imperfection.

Yay. Glad to have done my part to spice up the class blog a bit. Let’s continue keep it alive. Whee.

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  1. haha so does anyone fit the bill? liek SOMEONE=D