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Saturday, 14 March 2009

i have not slept (much) since i woke up on thursday 6a.m. and here i am online on a BEAUTIFUL saturday morning.

there's this thing called a memorial. i think.. it's kinda self-explanatory in more sense than one.

hmm. besides the topic of the memo, it's hard to think of anything else to blog about, because i haven't been thinking of much except for that for the past.. 42 hours? except for the fact that the guitar ensemble had a performance somewhere in the 42 hours, which was, fortunately (or unfortunately) over in a flash. hmm..

someone quick give a nasty interesting request for nik! =D

meanwhile, i shall take my mind off work and.. attempt to sleep. the bed does not beckon i have no idea why.

-apologies if the above sounded like a zombie-fied post-lol*


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