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Monday, 9 March 2009

Good morning, afternoon, or night! depending where on earth (ya haha) you are and what time you read this.

All I wanna say is:

I WANNA BE A JC KID AGAIN. ok la i think sometimes i just think about life back in jc and the great company around me. not that the pple around me now aren't great, but more of that i could take some comforting things for granted then, like there'll alw be a pack of cards ready as long as there are 4 eager pple. or that at least my classmates will be the same bunch of pple for the whole of two years whom i can do things like this:

without fear of tarnishing my reputation (if any).

*anw if anyone is interested to know, my tongue has gained more useful functions than just touching my nose (read: cleaning stains around my mouth in a super unglam fashion) which has just about disgusted anyone who has seen it. not too many though haha*

and as much as mrs foo talked about how she would not spoonfeed us like secsch kids, i think would go crazy now if i've not taken jc bio, cos things that were usually covered in 1 set of notes over 2 lectures is now covered in 2 slides in part of 1 lecture.

anw back to my pt abt wanting to be a jc kid. in uni,
1. no one plays capteh (lol)
2. no one plays bridge
3. there is no pe
4. you can't pin your hopes on this major exam at the end of your course like the A levels cos every sem affects ur cap
5. there is no hotdog day or baked potato day at a place called fishtank.

before i go, here's a random joke:
Q: What contribution did opium make to Singapore?

A: It made the Chinese High!

ok that was dedicated to all 7D guys who're all from chs haha.

erm for the girls....
let you know when i think of one.



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