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Saturday, 21 March 2009

haha pictures of me!! clubbing photos and also food that we cook la. i dno y ppl here go clubbing, mus wear a coat or suit 1. then go inside only take out. haha. n oso i learnt how to cook a lot here cos london fd so damn expensive! haha

basically uni is sort of the best time of my life la. i am gonna have a 5 week holiday now cos it is easter break. the whole yr study 23 weeks only. 1 month christmas break. 1 month easter break. n 4 months summer hols. qte shiok la haha n i rly enjoying myself haha

thank goodness london hv many frens tt i can mix wif la. dun rly mix a lot wif ang mohs cos everybody clique in our own grps/nationalities 1 haha but it is still good! love it haha

n it is rly nice to be overseas la haha. e 1st day i reach here was rly one of e best days ever la! u come here, then u sort of dun hv an identity, then u roam arnd e beautiful city n visit e parks n stuff. n yeah i feel much less pressured in uni to do well n stuff. cos jc, everybody jus scrutinise u n stuff haha i felt. so here, i feel very free haha =)
n so i changed qte a bit la overall in my character haha

going back to singapore in july. so we shud hv a class outing then haha =)


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