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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Updates updates

The blog has a new url, look at the address bar! Don't worry, the original url (which everyone probably used =) still works. Both link to this.

Do make it a point to just come to this blog about once a week! (Yes, all of you) "The domain will expire after 90 days when less than twenty-five (25) users have been to your website." So do click here whenever you can! =)

  • I increased the width of the template (to fit on all those large screens most people have); whoever doesn't like it, click "funny" below
  • I added some advertisements (if you want a short ".tk" domain for yourself, do click on the ad on the right! It will help the 06s7d account earn referral points, and can offset for lack of visitors and stuff; whoever likes the new url, click "interesting" below
  • I increased the font size in general, so we don't have to strain so much. Whoever prefers the smaller font, click "cool" below
  • To the banner designer, a new banner would be cool. The new width is 1000px, and I think the imagemap coordinates are not lining up properly. Not sure about the code for <map>, if you can just modify the height and width directly?
  • If you have any other suggestions, please comment!

1 comment:

  1. whoops i didn't mean to click 'cool' to say that i wanted the smaller font. HAHAHA i really meant to say that.