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Sunday, 6 February 2011


It's been 4 years since we graduated in 2007 (and my brain has obviously rotted a bit, as I took some time to figure out the year). Haven't been caring about the blog at all, but just today I was looking through every post right from the very start...

(links are listed in chronological order)

2006 Hall of fame
That's all for the year of 2006. The links on the left <--- (archives with the huge 'a') serve to bring you down memory lane.

I'll go through 2007 and beyond another time!

PS. can someone make me moderator or just send me the template code pls? I want a copy to keep cos I lost mine in my computer...

PPS. here is a graph of the number of posts per month: (courtesy of
Number of posts by month
(since this is a class blog contributed by ppl who did graphs before, can anyone explain the trend? [10])


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