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Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Rules must be followed:

Each blogger must post this rules.

Each blogger must start with ten random facts about themselves.

Bloggers that are tagged need to write about their own blog, ten things and post this rules.

Don’t forget to leave them comments telling them they have been tagged and are to read your blog.

10 Random Facts about me.

1. I don't eat anything with an exoskeleton. I'm secretly convinced that they are alien nanoparasitical containers which will latch onto your stomach and make you fat. Why else would they need an external shell?

2. I'm halfgerman/chinese. Mum. Stop asking.

3. I hate beer.

4. My room is in a permanent state of chaos. It serves as a deterrant against people walking in and asking me to do things :D

5. I live next to a cemetry. At work and at home.

6. I don't talk to myself, I talk to the other spirit that cohabits my body. Not related to the previous fact.

7. There is a lizard that runs across my window every night.

8. I grew up playing computer games. I still have 6/6.

9. I am psychic, I just don't like to show off my awesome powers.

10. I don't watch TV anymore. It's too far away from the computer :P

Q. Who’s the person that tagged you?

Kat, she is a bad, baneful, beastly, corrupt, depraved, disastrous, foul, harmful, hateful, heinous, injurious,loathsome, low, maleficent, malevolent, malicious, malignant, nefarious, offensive, pernicious, repugnant, spiteful, uunpleasant, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wrathful reprobate.

Q. Relationship between you and her?
JC classmate 2 yrs. She takes joy in my suffering, frequently telling me to post. How ungrateful of her, since I always help and remind her do things, such as telling her to post.

Q. Three impressions of her?
Helpful, idealistic, and religious.

Q. If she becomes your enemy, you will?

I will? I will to my parents my computer, I hope they take good care of it :(

Q. What will you say to the person you like very much?

Nothing? I r shy :(

Q. Characteristic i like about myself?

My pure awesomeness. I'd write about modesty too, but there's that irritating paradox which someone would make noise about, so I'll leave that to someone to comment about.

Q. Characteristic i hate about myself?

My pure awesomeness. Life isn't fun if you have cheatcodes.

Q. For the person whom you hate, you say?

Why would I speak to someone I hate oO

Q. What do people feel about you?


Q. Your crush?

sekrit? Don't have one now.

Pass this to 10 people:
(they'd have to have a blog right?)

1. Aaron
2. Adrian
3. Alvin
4. Andrew
5. Ben sing
6. Chern Wei
7. Cheryl
8. Chia Ming
9. FAN shirli
10.FOONG wailumn (wow contact lists are useful =D)

Q. If 5 & 7 were together?

(bensing and cheryl?) Uhh, what's the question asking? What would happen? Clearly it would never happen, doesn't make any sense. Everyone should treat me lunch if it ever happens.

Q. who does 5 like?

(Bensing) 6(Chernwei) obviously.

Q. What colour does 9 like?

(shirli) Uhm. that's difficult to say, she doesn't seem to manifest her love for a certain color often.. cyan? lime? pale yellow? dark red? My psychic powers tell me that it's.... DARK BLUE YES

Q. Say something about 8?


Q. Who is 2?

(Adrian) Jc class mate, plays bridge, doesn't serve ns. /stab/

Q. Talk about 3.

(Alvin) Jc class mate, plays bridge, doesn't serve ns. /stab/

Q. Who is 10’s best friend?

(wai lumn) Uhh. Okay I really don't know this one :P Some councillor maybe? =x

Q. Who’s the sexiest among all 10?

Sexiest? ahahaha. ahem. Let's move on :)

Q. What colour does 4 like?

(koo) Hmm. Black? I dunno =x

Q. Is 4 single?

(koo) Should be.

Q. Your relationship with 1.

(aaron) jc classmate of 2 yrs. I fed him on dota and he drags me on aard =D Now i stop feeding him and he still drags me soo..

Q. Are 5 & 6 best friends?

(bsing/cw) no?

Q. 9’s surname?

(shirli) Fan

Q. 7’s nickname?

Cheryl? uhhh.. cherry? Cher?

Q. Say something to 8.


Q. Say something to help 9.


Q. Who do i admire?


Q. Where does 1 live?

86 Kismis Avenue S598263. Or so he used to. I think he moved though, and my stalker records don't update :(

Q. 10 of them know who you like?


Q. Say something to 6 when you see her.

(cw) Did the question originally include the 'her'? I'm lazy to change anyhow =D Is that a statement anyway? Okay, i'll say something to him when i see him.

Q. 10’s spouse?

(wl) Which one?


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