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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Hi :)

I now have the role of continued survival of the blog, which is in a sorry state! But still quite ok i guess, considering people occasionally post and i believe some people still read it =)

Resummex was terrible (torrential rain, heavy loads and brown mud). The weather was hot and wet; when my handfan broke down i dreaded trying to fall asleep cos it was boiling. And when i forgot to apply insect repellant my skin would become red and even start to itch and swell!!
I used to feel guilty slacking because everyone was suffering. But yesterday i had nothing for dinner (Sentry duty!!). Tried eating last summex.. and i think the stuff in cookhouse near my bunk is much better! Sighhh. Instructors are pesky and evil. A lot of preparations needed too. And it's also quite fun to worry about how u are going to get hold of the generator which you (and 1 other) need to carry 5 stories before you can do anything. Sobsob.

note to shirli: Your college sounds very very much like paradise, heaven, and many other nirvanas!! Enjoy. Though i dun imagine you will appreciate much. Your college is also humane.. and don't worry about 5-6 redeployments!!! OR Wednesday midnight turnouts!!! When will i leave?

Note to others: blog about army/ whatever!=)


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