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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Harlo =]

I shall have the honour of providing follow up treatment for the blog, which is in such a not so sad state! But still quite ok i guess, considering we occasionally tag, and i believe most ppl still check it :)
Seletar camp is beautiful (Nice sea view, alot of assorted fruit trees and exotic varieties of birds). It is actually quite an idyllic location, you could just sit there and enjoy the sea breeze and listen to the birds sing. Quite sad that they made it into an army camp. Should have become a resort or something. I finally passed my SOC; when I couldn't pass it i dreaded staying back on Saturdays for remedial training. Seletar camp food is rather good, but it's still no substitute for food outside of the army. Unit life is rather regular and less hectic than a trainee life. As a sergeant I can visit the mess, play free pool, watch television and surf the net. Little mercies that keep you going in the army.

note to Shirli: Probably coming next year or next next year. Anyone else studying at Christ's college currently?

note to others: blog about unit/ whatever!=]


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