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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

uhm okay, i think some people have the impression they can come early to my house! not that you can't but u'm going to take hours to get ready and i can't entertain you and i don't want my mum to go crazy with guests (cause she'll keep going down and offering food and drinks) so don't come so early okay? haha. will give exact timing soon but anyway so far the people replied are:

soonhuat, chern wei, shirli, yongzi, jinrong, chiaming, bensing MIAOJING WAILUMN (she's not sure but replied anyway)

people i am assuming are going:

jane,kat, cheryl, nik, alvin, aaron, andrew

correct me if i'm wrong

oh and soonhuat says that he knows a quite good place in hougang mall to do hair so he asks the girls if they want to go cause he's going. ^^
SOMEONE TELL IRVIN/SEAN/IAN/KAIHERNG (in CHina) who else? >.< AHAHAHA (notme T_T *lazy*)

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  1. think i'll be going. but i don't think my parents allow me to stay overnight.