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Monday, 26 November 2007


Hey hey! My parents say that you guys can come over after prom... Breakfast the next day provided (i think) =x but there's a catch >.<. Think nik says people who want to shower after prom can go over to his house for a cold shower... Sorry.. but it is weird to have a whole bunch of people bathing over at my house and i think my parents are really nice and understanding to have a bunch of people they've never met before over. So sms me if you're coming or comment or something! Just let me know!
So on that day itself you guys can come over to dump your stuff.. The guys can come over and change i guess if they want (like chern wei) but as i said no shower =x The girls are probably going to have to do their hair and stuff so i think the girls will rather come in their dresses and stuff... (can dump your stuff to the guys to dump at my house)
Yep.. so you all don't mind then.. tell me soon! Cause i'm going away from thurs to sat so everything has to be settled soon! (my mum's a really organised person, she goes crazy if i don't confirm stuff with her) yep, so try to understand? T_T


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