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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Qing Gong!

Yay look we were bored today after assembly, so we went to the huge commie banner in front of canteen and practiced our wu gong. too bad the guys siam so fast after assembly to go Econs. Anyway, look, hua zhong zi di ( or maybe nu sheng is more apt) can fly! yay! *zi highs*

Bring camera tmrw pple! and upload the grad day photos leh! so cute, got flying hwa chong bears. i heard they actually had a meeting to decide whether or not the bears should wear shorts. In any case, bare-bummed or not, they are v adorable! I wonder how many pple have it on their bed now.

tmrw got some special CT session or something, dunno what we are gonna do! anyone got any ideas? faster msg me k? some pple suggest play games and stuff.

anyway, enjoy the blatantly hwach-style communist pix!


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