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Friday, 21 September 2007


Gogogo everyone :)

And in the midst of our studying, let's not forget that this friday is a special day. It's special because it's the last paper for most of us! lieu of this, let's decide what to do after friday morning comes and goes, shall we? :D

Mmm. There's a kbox at lot 1. *AHEM* but no pool/lan that I know of. I dunno what JEC has (it was suggested in previous posts? oO)

Anti-lot 1 argument will be as follows: construction work going on, damn dusty and noisy outside (but it's outside after all :D).

I think all these posts are in vain, cos:
1) Not everybody visits this blog and comments regularly ^^
2) We will end up stoning for 1hr (estimate) after h3 at the class bench deciding what to do anw :D

But wth, no fun not posting anything.

For those who haven't watched hmm ratatouille, bourne, etc can go watch lol. Again, venue is undecided, but places like lot 1 and jec should do fine. Detractors against the west can argue for town, but friday/ saturday prices are like oO.

Ok, so what about pool or lan (another oO)? We will need to bring a change of clothes (so can EVERYBODY remember to bring clothes on fri, just in case? ^^) I've this vague feeling I'll forget, but wth, I'll have my jacket. Once again, the problem of venue arises (I suggest town for this, maybe paradiz^^ or somewhere else). Perhaps we can go bowling even! Mmm.

Regarding the issue of lan, it'll probably turn out to be an all(mostly?)-guys event, and if things ever do boil down to this, we can probably go somewhere with both stuffs to do, or we can delay and fuss and teh till the cows come home, which is quite likely (damn, I remember after TD when I went with some high sch ppl to lan, and we were damn lag so everywhere was filled, and we spent 2 hrs walking frm lan shop to lan shop ><). the thing is, friday will be here very quickly. Tomorrow's paper is only one and a half hours. Shocking eh? I was thinking it would be two hours (not that I want to stay longer). So, expect 1 essay (1/2 hr) and 4 stq (1/4 hr each). For chem MCQ it's a shocking 1 hr, and for *AHEM* h3 chem it's a 2 and a 1/2 hour long splat in our face block of time.

Okay, so what's my point of posting this? It's to take up 5 minutes of your time to read this and start thinking (preferably, in your subconscious) about friday afternoon. [Note, time taken up depends on reading speed.] And besides that, I believe everybody is thinking about how we have to repeat this horrible draggy exams again during the As (to quote Mr Lee: if you found this draggy, then the As will be even worse right? =.-").

But, fret not, things are gonna be alright. In the midst of preparing for examinations we will learn things like determination and enlightenment, not to forget the importance of knowing what 'squalor' means. We will press on to enlighten ourselves with revelation of concepts which we never knew existed, and we will press on, determined to do our best. What's the best thing we will learn from exams? Not the concepts, but the values. Concepts are after all, facts, which we can always get from sources like wikipedia and google ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. But values, they make us who we are, they shape our view of things, they are the essence of our very being. What will we bring with us into our next stage of life (referring to NS, careers, unis)? It would be made up mostly of what we value most in life, not what we know. [Note: the author has no idea why he is suddenly in a state of waxing lyrical.]

After rambling all that, I wish to say:

JIA YOU 7D!!! <33

On a side note, wishing Liangen, Aaron and Kaiherng a happy birthday, belated, early, or not ^^

*cracks knuckles* Now, let's go back to understanding stem cells...

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