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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

helo! i can sense everyone mugging. omg. ahhhh what am i doing here.

anyway! to uhm brighten up the day (/night/wadeva), let's think about the day prelims end! uhm. though h3 peeps end 1 day later (abit sad). so.. let's have it on saturday!! cuz everyone needs to sleeeeep. >.<

so. the problem (as always lol) is what to do.

1. kbox (oi. say how many times liao.. haiiii)
2. iceskate (ppl who dun wan kbox can go iceskate. jx opposite! lol. (wrt jec))
3. arcade/lan (wrt jec too. but splitting up not fun liao. so i protest)
4. go someone's house (koped this from prev post =) )
5. cycling (night or otherwise =D)

ok i ran out of ideas. anyth can just comment =D and vote by comment too! oh and it'll be liangen's, aaron's and kaiherng's birthday around this period too. so yep! -draws relevance to the above-

have a fun time mugging!! ^^


  1. Haiz. Jurong East ...
    Anyway, H3 prelim ends at 10:45am, so it doesnt have to be on saturday?
    If 4: Whom shall/can we visit?
    If 5: It's either rain or sun during the day (neither good for cycling), so ...

  2. Oh damn.
    Cycling (NIGHT)! I forgot about cycling in my previous post! ><
    How bout..let's do everything :P
    Must save for it though...
    And if we have it after H3 prelims must bring clothes to change heh.

  3. Yong Zi3:51 pm

    I want to celebrate IMMEDIATELY after H3 :D :D :D :D :D

  4. alvin9:09 pm

    Yayz. Jurong East... such a wonderful place. got library somemore. just in case u still aren't quite sick of mugging yet.